A guanaco cub was born in the Kyiv zoo – Corriere.it

A guanaco cub was born in the Kyiv zoo - Corriere.it

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Excellent news that provides hope to the capital of the nation besieged by Moscow troops. The child is 2 weeks outdated and her title is Lucia.

Somewhat information of hope comes from the Ukrainian capital. Kyiv. Whereas the nation is concerned within the conflict began by Moscow, life continues as calmly as potential. It applies to the civilian inhabitants. And on this case, it applies to animals as properly. a small Guanacos judicial Lucy he was truly born within the Kyiv Zoological Park and is 2 weeks outdated immediately. The pure park itself promoted it by posting a video on social networks, which was relaunched by Ukrainian on-line newspapers.

Mother raquel doesn’t go away the new child and his sister Christy their one-year-old father Ricardo takes care of them 24 hours a day, even at night time, whereas their daughter is sleeping from the zoo. guanaco one ancestor of alpacas. Within the wild, they are often discovered within the pampas and highlands of the Andes. Herbaceous crops are herbivorous animals that feed on bark, shrub leaves and branches.

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