A new Bungo Stray Dogs manga is coming

A new Bungo Stray Dogs manga is coming

The story of Bungo Stray Canine is written by manga. Kafka Asagiri and designed by Sango Harukawacontinues as soon as once more with a brand new manga drawn by Shiwasu HoshikawaAuthor Bungo Stray Canine Monster (learn our overview to this article), no matter one from the unique story. What’s going to the brand new manga be about?

A brand new Bungo Stray Canine manga is coming!

In line with the August challenge of the journal Ace of Shonen associated to KadokawaNew manga primarily based on the sunshine novel Bungo Stray Canine Written by Kafka Asagiri and Sango Harukawa. Bungo Stray Canine: Dazai, Chūya, Jūgosai (Dazai and Chūya at age 15).

The manga is predicated on the sunshine novel of the identical title printed in August 2019 and explores the backgrounds of the characters Osamu Dazai and Chūya Nakahara. The manga might be launched after July.

Right here is the abstract of the novel:

Shortly after Ōgai Mori takes over the reins of the Harbor Mafia, his confederate Osamu Dazai has a terrifying confrontation with Chūya Nakahara, a boy generally known as the Sheep King who can manipulate gravity. However when unusual rumors about Arahabaki’s mysterious existence begin to unfold in Yokohama, the 2 should put their variations apart and get to the center of the matter.

Earlier than they rose to fame because the fearsome Twin Darkish couple, Dazai and Chūya had been simply children. Was their first encounter a harbinger of hope or a foul omen…?

Bungo Stray Canine: Franchise

Bungo Stray Canine It’s a manga written by Kafka Asagiri and illustrated by Sango Harukawa. Younger Ace It has been printed in our nation since December 4, 2012 by Kadokawa Shoten. Planet Squad (you will get it right here Amazon!) with Bungo Stray Canine MONSTERRyuunosuke Akutagawa-centered spin-off of Kafka Asagiri.

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