Anarchist Cospito, lead envelope to the Turin attorney general

Anarchist Cospito, lead envelope to the Turin attorney general

The day after 38 attorneys and intellectuals appealed to annul the heavy jail sentence given to anarchist Alfredo Cospito, who has been on starvation strike for 81 days, information leaked that Turin Chief Prosecutor Francesco Saluzzo was sentenced to 2 weeks. “A” for anarchy is drawn on the entrance of a leaded envelope and on a bit of paper. The Milan judges, who’ve jurisdiction over the information concerning the Turin judges, are investigating the case.

Pg Saluzzo, along with prosecutor Paolo Scafi, represents the prosecution within the case in opposition to Cospito relating to two bombs dropped in entrance of Fossano’s former police station in 2006. Excessive potential bombs that don’t trigger loss of life or damage solely by likelihood. Sentenced to twenty years in jail after a passage within the Supreme Courtroom, the case returned to enchantment in Turin, the place the prosecutor’s workplace determined to reconstruct the impeachment speculation, turning it right into a bloodbath in opposition to the State, asking Cospito a life sentence and twelve months in jail. daytime isolation

The request is presently pending. As a matter of reality, a month in the past, the Heavy Penal Courtroom, which needed to determine on the request of the Chief Prosecutor’s Workplace, despatched the paperwork to the Constitutional Courtroom with a view to consider the problem within the mild of the rules of proportionality of constitutional punishment. In reality, Cospito has already been convicted in Genoa for kicking Ansaldo Nucleare Roberto Adinolfi’s supervisor within the legs, and subsequently, as a repeat offender, there can’t be extenuating circumstances. The Courtroom of Attraction, if it grants the request, can solely sentence the anarchist to life imprisonment with out equalizing the sentence (our penal code doesn’t distinguish between tried bloodbath and profitable bloodbath).

Starvation strike and protest
Because of this, Cospito, who has been on starvation strike since 19 October, is in essential situation. Docs guarding him in Sassari’s most safety jail, the place he’s held, are involved about his lack of potassium consumption, which might trigger his coronary heart to cease past a sure restrict. Throughout these two months of not consuming, Cospito misplaced greater than 35 kg. Subsequently, attorneys and outstanding figures comparable to Don Ciotti, thinker Massimo Cacciari, former President of the Constitutional Courtroom Giovanni Maria Flick, director Moni Ovadia and others appealed to Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio. 41 bis canceled because of Cospito’s excessive threat of loss of life.

In the meantime, Cospito’s lawyer, Flavio Rossi Albertini, informed Radio Popolare that his circumstances had been steady “even when we had been crossing any essential threshold”. “The scenario is alarming, although values ​​are nonetheless below management,” the lawyer mentioned. She continues her battle in opposition to the inhumanity of 41bis.” And when requested what 41bis means, the lawyer replied: “The standard scenario of an animal in a zoo: it’s fed and well-maintained however inside a cage, in a state of virtually absolute isolation. . If our sensitivity has introduced many criticisms to this example, which is peculiar to animals, not to mention people,” he mentioned. The lawyer excludes that he knew about his consumer’s enchantment, signed by attorneys and intellectuals, to abolish the regime imposed on him, however – he declares – I believe that any contribution to the case is enthusiastically accepted as a result of it means an ever-increasing stake. The general public understands the absurdity of subjecting an anarchist to 41 bis and the disproportionate sanction that might be imposed on Cospito for the crimes attributed to him».

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