Are the Cat Mosaics Found in Pompeii, Italy Real?

Are the Cat Mosaics Found in Pompeii, Italy Real?


A collection of mosaics present in a newly found villa within the archaeological ruins of Pompeii, Italy, depicts numerous cats in wealthy element.


A collection of intricate, detailed mosaic pictures depicting cats allegedly taken from a lately found villa among the many ruins of Pompeii in Italy went viral in early November 2022.

Shared by Sebastiano Vianello Message claimed that the photographs had been taken from a villa known as “Villa dei Gattini” (Villa of Cats) within the archaeological web site of Pompeii.

considering Pompeii destroyed in a volcanic eruption centuries in the past, some photographs present unusually vibrant colours and shocking element.

Nevertheless, in response to a publish on the creator’s web site in December 2022, these photos weren’t actual. quickly refuted by Italian fact-checking information websites mentioning that there isn’t any official information a few newly discovered villa and that the villa has not been seen anyplace. Sitemap. In different phrases, there was no discovery of a “Villa dei Gattini” in Pompeii. Vianello, who describing himself As an artist with an “extreme ardour for cats”, a Message on its web site (the interpretation under is from Google Translate) it states:

On November 4, 2022, I printed a paper saying the invention of a domus richly adorned with mosaics depicting cats on the Pompeii archaeological web site. Clearly, there isn’t any “Home of Cats” as archaeologists would instantly name it, and sadly there by no means might be. The publish was blatantly and undeniably ironic, a distraction, as with all my tales that had been born to present which means to the photographs I created.

Extremely, this publish went viral, garnering over 30,000 shares in just some days! Clearly, the denials with quite a few articles from accredited debugging websites did not final lengthy, you will discover this by doing a easy Google search with the important thing “Villa dei kittens” and reporting the publish as “faux information” on all posts.

his web site and Facebook page featured paintings of cats. As a result of publish being viral, it is also sales prints on-line.

On November 6, 2022, Vianello described how he used the substitute intelligence software Midjourney to create the photographs.

We take into account this declare “False” provided that the creator himself denied that the photographs had been actual.


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