Attempted to kill his wife with frozen milk

Attempted to kill his wife with frozen milk

A person in his fifties from the suburbs of Copenhagen hit his spouse within the head within the early morning hours after filling a liter of frozen milk in her pillowcase. youngsters sleeping within the subsequent room.

The kids succeeded in flattening the daddy, who was enraged by the lady, fled along with her and saved her life.

The person, who claimed to recollect nothing on the trial, bluntly said that he was within the grip of sleepwalking and that he was in all probability dreaming that he had ready breakfast, therefore milk.

The twelve-person jury agreed on the person’s 7-year breakfast supply to share along with his cellmates.

For many who keep in mind “A Clockwork Orange” or “No Place for the Aged”, milk is not at all times a logo of innocence…

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