Fabian – Going to the dogs

Fabian - Going to the dogs


Fabian – Going to the canineA movie directed by Dominik Graf, set in Berlin in 1931 and tells its story. Jacob Fabian (Tom Schilling), working within the promoting trade, coping with the sponsorship of an organization that produces cigarettes. Nonetheless, Fabian spends the evening within the metropolis together with his pal, among the many golf equipment, brothels and artist workshops. Labude (Albrecht Schuch).
One night, a person seems earlier than her. cornelia (saskia rosendahl), a really assured girl who works as an actress and is head over heels in love with. Due to him, Fabian calms down and manages to place apart his pessimistic worldview, however this happiness doesn’t final lengthy. Cornelia’s profession is booming and is being hailed by producers and followers, however Fabian cannot stand the state of affairs any longer and sees hopes for her future fade. Whereas in Berlin, the ghosts of stagnation and Nationwide Socialism…

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