“Forest Sessions” coming soon

"Forest Sessions" coming soon

ex guitarist PROBLEM, Jonathan HulténLaunched on December 16, 2022 kscopeForest Periods“.
The work will embrace different variations of tracks from the solo album.”Chants from Elsewhere” and on the earlier EP “Darkish Evening of the Soul” and a brief movie of video clips, animations and poems.

Forest PeriodsCombined and mastered by Ola Ersfjord. It will likely be accessible on CD+DVD and vinyl.
pre-orders this address.

hulten declares:

“It began with the thought of ​​live-streaming a live performance shot in a forest! I shaped a staff, got here up with a plan, and ultimately the challenge changed into making eight music movies primarily based on the setlist of a reside efficiency.”

Observe record and canopy artwork:

CDs / LPs
“Wasteland” (Forest Model)
“Leaving” (Forest Model)
“Sacred Forest” (Forest Model)
The place Demons Cry (Jungle Model)
“…And the Pillars Are Shaking” (Forest Model)
“Name to Journey” (Forest Model)
“The Mountain” (Forest Model)
“Dance of the Water Spirits”
“Name to Journey” (Roadburn Version)
“A Dance on the Highway” (Highway Burn Model)

“The Poetry of the Barren Land” (Animation)
“Wasteland” (Forest Model Film)
“The Separation Poem” (Animation)
“Leaving” (Forest Model Film)
“The Sacred Forest Poem” (Animation)
“Holy Woods” (Forest Model Film)
“The place Demons Cry” (Animation)
The place Demons Cry (Jungle Model Film)
“…And the Pillars Shake Poem” (Animation)
“…And The Pillars Tremble” (Forest Model Film)
“A Name to Journey Poem” (Animation)
“Name to Journey” (Jungle Model Film)
“Mountain Poetry” (Animation)
“The Mountain” (Forest Model Film)
“The Dance of the Water Spirits Poem” (Animation)
“Dance of Water Spirits” (Movement Image)
“The Final Poem” (Animation)
“Name to Journey and Dance on the Highway” (Film)


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