Harpy Eagle at risk: the world’s largest and most magnificent bird of prey in grave danger (and our fault)

Harpy Eagle at risk: the world's largest and most magnificent bird of prey in grave danger (and our fault)

Habitat loss, looking, and collision with high-voltage cables are the principle threats to the Harpy eagle, however it’s additionally widespread for people to shoot these raptors out of pure curiosity.

Dominate the skies of South America’s rainforest, one of many largest but in addition one of the crucial fascinating birds of prey. Let’s discuss in regards to the Harpy eagle, which is threatened by habitat loss, looking and hitting excessive voltage cables. Amazon has a safety program that goals to guard it.

Monitoring, analysis, tourism, pictures and environmental schooling are the watchwords for shielding Brazil’s largest raptor, which at the moment solely has giant and numerous populations within the Amazon. Challenge Harpy Eagle It has been observing Harpy eagle nests within the Cerrado area and Atlantic Forest for 25 years, however now researchers are extra involved that local weather change might have a devastating impact on these lovely animals.

harpy eagle (harpy) is a neotropical eagle species and is assessed as a weak nature species (IUCN). The identify comes from Greek mythology: harpies have been half-female and half-eagle beings resulting from their distinct anthropomorphic resemblances:

This species has misplaced greater than 40% of its territory stretching from Mexico to Argentina prior to now century.

Monogamous harpies use the identical nest for many years, giving offspring each three years. Sumaúma, Brazil nut, jatobá and angelim are their favourite bushes, the tallest within the forest and in addition essentially the most coveted by lumberjacks. Chicks want to remain within the nest for 5 months earlier than taking off. These eagles are carnivores, feeding on fish, snakes, lizards and birds, in addition to monkeys and sloths.


As we mentioned, monitoring these raptors started within the Eighties when researchers from the Organic Dynamics of Forest Fragments Challenge (PDBFF), a analysis heart based by biologist Thomas Lovejoy, started observing nests within the Amazon rainforest. The primary harpy eagle nest was detected in 2011, at the moment there are greater than 60 nests monitored within the Amazon, Cerrado and Atlantic Forest.

Along with analysis and discipline actions, Challenge Harpy Eagle has lately created the Ex-Situ Program. As a technique for an built-in strategy to conservation, this system examines the scenario of captive birds taken from the wild on account of unlawful trapping, destruction of nesting bushes or different conflicts. The most important inhabitants of harpies outdoors of their pure habitat is in Brazil, with 139 people in 40 establishments.

“One of many elements of the undertaking is to return to nature something that may be stored out of everlasting captivity. This is without doubt one of the fundamental targets, ”clarify the researchers.

Its proximity to human communities makes the Harpy eagle a sufferer of looking and persecution. “Individuals kill these animals largely out of curiosity. Solely 20% of the birds have been killed in retaliation for looking cattle resembling chickens, goats, pigs or sheep.

Images and movies are essential. “Empathy with folks can also be essential. Not everybody is aware of about this eagle that must be protected,” he mentioned.
Saving nests is without doubt one of the fundamental targets of conservation researchers. “A regulation should be handed and an actual conservation plan should be made to guard the bushes the place endangered birds nest. This can be a problem for 2023”, remark the specialists.

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