here are the amazing winning photos of the 2022 edition

here are the amazing winning photos of the 2022 edition

A cornflakes Fly over Norway’s magnificent snow-capped peaks. A woodcock He’s going through a horrible sandstorm that has engulfed the tiny island of Heligoland within the North Sea. 2 sage roosters the males battle as an alternative within the dry grasslands of Colorado. Listed below are only a few of the scenes immortalized by the winners of the 2022 version. Bird Photographer of the Yearprestigious worldwide competitors nature pictures yearly rewards probably the most stunning photos depicting birds and their habits.

Joined this concern Over 20,000 photographers From all over the world and at last the jury introduced the long-awaited. successful pictures. Here’s a abstract of the successful pictures and a few probably the most stunning photos Who participated on this version?

Total winner of the yr: Erlend Haarberg

© Erlend Haarberg/Bird Photographer of the Year
Within the image: © Erlend Haarberg/Fowl Photographer of the 12 months

This jackpot for Fowl Photographer of the 12 monthsNorwegian goes to the photographer Erlen Haarberg and the header shot Rock Ptarmigan. The creator managed to take a good looking picture. cornflakes (Lagopus muta) in typical winter plumage, flying over the frozen panorama of the Tysfjorden fjord, Norway. Pictures additionally conquered gold award in class Birds within the AtmosphereBirds photographed of their pure habitat.

Younger Photographer of the 12 months: Levi Fitze

© Levi Fitze/Bird Photographer of the Year
Within the image: © Levi Fitze/Fowl Photographer of the 12 months

17-year-old Swiss for the second time in a row Levi Fitze was awarded the Younger Fowl Photographer of the 12 months, class for younger photographers aged 14 to 17. To take your shot Dealing with the Stormthe younger photographer spent an entire week on the small island of Heligoland. North Sea. When a sandstorm hit, he risked all his tools to meet up with the persistence and hardships of a small group. woodcock (calidris alba) had been going through one another on the seashore.

Greatest Portrait: Ly Dang

© Ly Dang/Bird Photographer of the Year
Within the image: © Ly Dang/Fowl Photographer of the 12 months

The primary prize for finest portrait goes to the American as an alternative. Ly Dengue and caption Stitching Artist. When mating season comes, males sage rooster (Centrocercus urophasianus) compete with one another by roaming round in hopes of impressing females residing within the North American prairies. The protagonist of the shoot is (named) one in every of these males immortalized within the area. stain) whereas inflating the 2 yellowish sacs within the throat.

Consideration to element: Andy Pollard

© Andy Pollard/Bird Photographer of the Year
Within the image: © Andy Pollard/Fowl Photographer of the 12 months

in class consideration to element he wins as an alternative Andy Pollard due to the shot Sleeping Magnificence. In contrast to most photographers who concentrate on extra colourful grownup specimens, the creator selected as an alternative to seize the plumage and expression of a much less colourful pup. king penguin (aptenodytes patagonicus). the chick was there Falkland Islands and Pollard was in a position to seize uncommon particulars of feathers, beak, eye, and ear whereas he slept.

Flying Birds: Raoul Slater

© Raoul Slater/Bird Photographer of the Year
Within the image: © Raoul Slater/Fowl Photographer of the 12 months

This gold award for class Flying birds if he wins Raul Slater with Wall Silo. In Australia, giant silos used for grain harvesting are sometimes embellished with big murals to reclaim these deteriorated areas. Wheat attracts many animals, myself included. galah or pink cockatoo (Eolophus roseicapilla) that the creator managed to snap a photograph of him flying proper in entrance of one in every of these murals, creating a particularly thought-provoking shot. The next week the perpetrator returned to the realm, however discovered that there had been a big rodent infestation and no extra cockatoos.

Behaviour: Peter Ismert

©Peter Ismert/Bird Photographer of the Year
Within the image: ©Peter Ismert/Fowl Photographer of the 12 months

The successful picture for the class Fowl Habits revives as soon as once more sage’s rooster. in your shot Peter Ismerttitled Duel on Lek, however there are two males who beat one another with beatings. Clearly, ritualized performances to draw girls weren’t sufficient to impose themselves, and subsequently the 2 males inevitably clashed. The creator spent a lot of the evening secretly ready for the primary gentle to return as much as make this picture.

Black and White: Towers of Henley

© Henley Spiers/Bird Photographer of the Year
Within the image: © Henley Spiers/Fowl Photographer of the 12 months

The picture taken by the underwater photographer can be extraordinarily thought-provoking. towers of henley, winner of the primary prize within the black and white class. mom hen a eared cormorant (Nannopterum auritus), between two worlds (the identify of the picture is precisely Between two worlds), strikes with excessive grace and agility. The hen is definitely swimming underwater to catch fish, however the lack of coloration provides again a very significant situation that appears suspended between air and water.

Artistic photos: Petro Katerynych

© Petro Katerynych/Bird Photographer of the Year
Within the image: © Petro Katerynych/Fowl Photographer of the 12 months

for class inventive photosthe place it was allowed to “manipulate” the pictures extra freely, the primary prize went to the Ukrainian photographer Petro Katerynych and if you click on Van Gogh’s Storks. This white stork (ciconia ciconia) photographed from under, very harking back to the type and artistic endeavors of the nice Dutch painter. Additionally, given the dire scenario the nation is in, the picture additionally acquires a powerful symbolic and hopeful worth so that everybody can admire these pure landscapes.

Metropolis Birds: Ammar Alsayed Ahmed

© Ammar Alsayed Ahmed/Bird Photographer of the Year
Within the image: © Ammar Alsayed Ahmed/Fowl Photographer of the 12 months

Within the final body of our recap, we lastly have the successful picture for the class. city birds: Over the town. Image taken from Abu Dhabi Ammar Alsayed Ahmeda gaggle pink flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus) Fly over a sea of ​​clouds from which the massive skyscrapers of the emirate capital emerge. image actually spectacular and in all its marvelous battle, it exhibits the arduous seek for concord between nature, biodiversity and more and more influential human actions.

These had been the principle prize-winning pictures. Fowl Photographer of the 12 months It is usually doable to admire the pictures that we selected to point out you, however that didn’t obtain awards, that had been overlooked of classes and that weren’t preferred on the location. particularly deserving to say: you can find them all in the complete gallery.

‘Assault!’ by Damian Kwasek

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