Kafka after the Silver Ribbon at Argot Studio

Tommaso Ragno in scena all'Argot Studio con Una relazione per un’Accademia di Kafka - recensione - Alessia de Antoniis per Globalist

By Alessia de Antoniis

Mario Martone’s Silver Ribbon for Nostalgia, perched on a bench in the course of Argot Studio’s small area, dressed as a person, Tommaso Ragno reads what males need to hear to simply accept you as one in all their very own: “A relationship for an Academy.”
A metamorphosis of Kafka who sees the monkey Thomas Spider / Peter the Pink rework into a person. A monkey who would not care about human judgments however is simply there to make a report. A monkey hiding amongst people. A monster who would not thoughts imitating males, “I used to be simply on the lookout for a manner out”. As a result of in spite of everything, it was “too straightforward to mimic males”.

And on the similar time that Tommaso Ragno clambers up with brutish gestures, slamming the position to play, Pietro reads calmly, poised and poised, as befits a cultured man who is aware of the best way to stay in society. . Mr. Rotpeter, Pink Peter, is a chimpanzee who wears his personal masks and appears at man from his vantage level. And Spider does this by remodeling himself right into a conscientious monkey by taking on his actions, expressions and facial expressions. Perched on that perch, together with his voice, his gaze, his breath, with the wrinkles on his face; with that furry hat that blends together with his beard.

From the crown of that throne, image of the facility of tradition, Pink Peter mocks the conceitedness of males, mocking their concepts of superiority, mocking their sense of freedom. To outlive, it is sufficient to present you the way it’s to mimic the habits of the race that dominates you, the human race that has the conceitedness to really feel superior, however makes use of its intelligence solely to fill in bodily inferiority.
“If I had insisted on wanting to stay to my origins and my youthful reminiscences, this consequence would have been unattainable. The primary commandment I set on myself was to surrender all will altogether; I, a free ape, tailored myself to this yoke”. So Peter to the ring/academia.

“It is the identical Pietro who offered himself to me, the choice being the zoo or the variability. I did not hesitate. I stated to myself: attempt laborious to get to the variability present; that is the way in which out; the zoo is only a new cage; for those who enter, you will be misplaced”.

At Argo Studio, Tommaso Ragno hypnotized the viewers, seemed immediately into his eyes, and reduce him shut, reminding him that “males are a little bit too cheated when speaking about freedom.”
A monologue ending with the notes of “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” accompanying Peter the Monkey’s transformation into Thomas man: the monkey who knew freedom, was free to take his pants down at residence every time he wished, grew to become the person, and by agreeing to lose him. The disgusted monkey that has misplaced its scent, sucking that of a human.

The identical music Kubrik utilized in “2001 A Area Odyssey” is not the music of any Odyssey right here: no journey to freedom, no superman. Pietro consciously solely appears to be like for an escape route and finds it camouflaged among the many males. And Strauss’s notes see the rise of a homo with nothing from novus.

A person who has locked himself in a cage a lot tighter than the one Peter realized was ineffective to flee. “The calm I gained round these males prevented me from making an attempt to flee above all else. Trying again immediately, I really feel like I had a hunch that I wanted at the least an escape for my residing, however I would not be capable of discover it by attempting to flee.”
The one alternative: the zoo or the variability present? Range as a manner out. Artwork as an escape route? As a result of that is what we’re speaking about: not about freedom. The liberty of the aesthetic man is denied.

Tommaso Ragno enters the room as a person dressed as a monkey and leaves disguised as a person. However it leaves us with a query: Is it the ape that transforms right into a human being “with the sound of a whip”, or is it the human that turns right into a educated monster by closing the bars of the social guidelines cage behind him? Who actually misplaced their freedom?

An excellent Tommaso Ragno for a monologue by Franz Kafka that appears to have simply come out of ink.

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