Not to forget Father Dal’Oglio. Movie: conference of birds

Not to forget Father Dal'Oglio.  Movie: conference of birds

Frederick Middle PeironTurin Movie Competition and Buddies of the Affiliation say March Moses exhibition

Torino Movie Competition Preview, Tuesday, November 22 at 20.30, act 3 cinema Massimo, Torino

Audio system: director Shahab KirmaniMr freederikepriestess say Mar Musa, Immacolata Dall’Oglio, sister of Father Dall’Oglio

Behind the Story the Film Tells stands out Determine of Father Paolo Dall’Oglio, an Italian cleric. Raqqa He’s higher often called the one who based the Al-Khalil group in Syria on July 29, 2013, within the early Nineties. say Mar Moses, monastery Nestled in desolate mountains calamoninside Syria, restored by him. An impressive “eagle’s nest” within the arid plain nebek. A group based by Father Dall’Oglio on the non-public horizon of dwelling concord Islam-Christian.


Through the Syrian Civil Conflict, some monks and nuns from the Syrian Catholic group Al-Khalil escape from the monastery say Mar Musa in Syria hThey discovered a brand new house of their “brother” monasteries. say Scarf Mary within the metropolis Sulaymaniyahin Iraqi Kurdistan.

Right here they hosted many households fleeing from ISIS, which had occupied the plain. Nineveh , the place many Christian households dwell. As certainly one of a number of applications hosted by the group, individuals carry out a play primarily based on the Islamic mystic’s poem “The Convention of the Birds.” ferid to hear faith Attar (twelfth century) intertwines allegories of poetry together with his personal private experiences. summer time 2017. ISIS is retreating. It’s their final day in society for these folks of various origins and beliefs who share their every day lives within the small rose backyard. The movie introduces us to the every day life within the monastery, intertwined with the preparation for the sport.

The title is taken straight from Quran 27:16, the place it’s mentioned that Solomon (Sulayman) and Dāwūd (David) discovered the language or speech of birds (manṭiq al-tayr). Within the poem, the birds of the world collect to resolve who will develop into the ruler, as they haven’t any rulers. Hoopoe, the wisest, gives to seek out the legendary Simorgh. The hoopoe leads the birds, every representing a human error stopping humanity from reaching enlightenment.

Earlier than the movie, a video clip of the director describing the protest of Iranian ladies was launched..

Ticket price 6 euros

(movie with italian subtitles)

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