Pescara wins again against Viterbese

Pescara wins again against Viterbese

Peskara (4-3-2-1): Plizzari, Cancellotti, Ingrosso, Boben, Milani; Kraja, Aloi, Mora; Collage, Cuppone; within the tube. On the bench: Sommariva, D’Aniello, Crescenzi, Palmiero, Gyabuaa, Vergani, Lescano, Delle nuns, D’Aloia, Desogus, Mesik, Saccani, Germinario. Coach: Alberto Colombo.

Viterbo (3-5-2) Want, Pavlev, Riggio, Ricci; Semenzato, Megalaitis, Mungo, Andreis, Devetak; Volpicelli, Polidori. On the bench: Dekic, Chicarella, Rabiu, Marotta, D’Uffizi, Mbaye, Rodio, Renault, Spolverini, Cats, Aly, Barilla, Montapertura. Coach: Giovanni Lopez.

Objectives: 89′ Delle Monache

Choose: Valerio Crezzini of Siena

After 4 matches with out rejoicing, Pescara is again for a win towards the final of the category, Viterbese.

After an impassive begin, the sport lights up at 23 minutes: Cuppone manages to get below the objective after Cancellotti’s center, however Bisogno has fast reflexes and reaches out to push again the objective line. The blue-whites insist, although not with a lot continuity: Kraja shoots from a distance within the thirty first minute, however Bisogno approves of his responsiveness and adaptability to vary route for the nook. Two minutes later, Collage tries once more: he facilities on the left and pops his proper foot, inflicting the ball to whistle over the Lazio crossbar. One other minute and a detailed left after placing a fedora on Ricci, it is Tupta’s flip: Viterbese’s protection is tense however Want is unsurpassed. However the siege of Pescara died out in its infancy, and nothing else was seen till December.

At first of the second half, Biancazzurri are simply forward: 2 minutes and Bisogno nonetheless blocks Cuppone’s zero meter deflection from a nook, then the house protection saves himself in a livid pinball machine. Within the 73rd minute, Delfino once more hits the away keeper: Kraja fires a low-hit missile from the facet, Bisogno reaches out as normal from the underside proper to take him out. Biancazzurri’s objective got here solely within the 89th minute, however after quite a few oppositions from Bisogno: push and shot from Delle Monache from the suitable, Desogus from the suitable and the goalkeeper’s low clearance, Delle Monache flashes again to reply, ultimately throwing him behind Bisogno, who remains to be on the bottom. 1-0 and sport over.

An virtually absolute dominance of Colombo’s staff, albeit tailored to the naked minimal. Because of Bisogno’s miracles, Pescara may and may have taken much more margin, however the return to victory after 4 video games is sufficient to give breath and pleasure to a retreating sq..

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