Pippi Calzelunghe and Fred in Piccolo Bisio, Rome, Goldoni in Venice and then Cats – Cartellone


Let’s begin with My Badly Telled Life from Francesco Piccolo’s literary repertoire and Milan, the place Al Piccolo Claudio Bisio was on stage from 28 December to eight January, as Bisio himself explains.

Let’s go to Rome, from December 26 to January 8, Olimpico Pippi Calzelunghe is on stage, a musical commissioned by Gigi Proietti, starring Margherita Rebeggiani, translated by Sagitta Alter and Carlotta Proietti.

Additionally, the story of Fred, Fred Buscaglione, directed by Arturo Brachetti, Roy Paci and Matthias Martelli, at Parioli in Rome from December 26 to January 8

Carlo Goldoni’s Lovers directed by Andrea Chiodi on the Goldoni Theater in Venice

Within the second half, we discuss Cats in Sistina till January 22 to interpret Grizabella Malika Ayane, Rum Tum Tugger Luca Giacomelli Ferrarini directed by Massimo Romeo Piparo.

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