Rapallo: Giulia Ottonello will be at Canessa Park today (26 December) at 17:00

Singer (winner of the second edition of Amici), film and theater actor, dubbing. A history full of experience and success. Interviewed on Tg3 this morning, she just talked about her rich artistic life. Giulia Ottonello, born in 1984, also sang her last song “Genova”, to which she added all her love to the city, although not accompanied by music.

As he recalls with excitement, I will be at Parco Casale in Rapallo at 5 pm the next day of December 26 and he will be performing some of his hits, including Genova. There will be many who will applaud him. she deserves it.


For those who want to learn more:

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Giulia Ottonello (born 30 July 1984, Genoa) is an Italian singer and theater actress.

Winner of the second edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi in the singing category, she has had success in Italian theaters, starring in numerous musicals, including Cats, Eclettica, Frankenstein Junior, Singing in the rain and Cabaret (musical).[1]

Born in Genoa, she showed a certain artistic predisposition from an early age: she began studying ballet already at the age of three, and later studied singing with the support of her mother, Laura Cappelluccio, opera singer, teacher and Artistic Voiceover specialist Laura Cappelluccio. At the age of thirteen, she made her stage debut in a public performance at a local event in the city of Genoa. Growing up, she continued to study dance and improve her singing, approaching music genres such as jazz, pop, and R&B. Her work also includes internships in musical dance, tap dance, and a master class where she works with well-known singers and musicians from the jazz and gospel scene.

In September 2002, after a series of auditions, she joined the program Amici di Maria De Filippi. During his nine-month stay in the program, he also managed to introduce himself to the public through the interpretation of songs such as Memories, People and Hepsi myself; Showing her talent for dance and acting as well as her vocal skills, she made it to the finals and won the second edition of the program. After the victory at Amici di Maria De Filippi, he participates in various television broadcasts such as Buona Domenica and Maurizio Costanzo Show, and embarks on the I-TIM Tour with his fellow travelers who participated in the talent show with him.

He also took part in some dates of Gigi D’Alessio’s tour in the summer of 2003 and had the honor of performing a duet with Gloria Gaynor. Among the summer events she attended, she performed Liza Minnelli’s New York New York song at the 7th Birra Moretti Trophy. Thanks to her popular success, she was noticed by Caterina Caselli, who signed her with Sugar to create 5 albums.[2] He notices the only Spezzami il cuore, which was written by Moltheni and also produced in an English version, Permission arranged by Corrado Rustici, but soon the record company decides to terminate the contract without complying with the contracts. Since then the artist will, for all intents and purposes, be an independent artist. In fact, she self-produced her debut album, I Miei Colori, released in 2012 a few years later. The album where Ottonello talks about his bad experience with Caterina Caselli in the song Quanti Possabilities.

Damien Rice’s cover of The Blower’s Daughter Are you happy? Collaborating with Aeroplanitaliani for her album, the singer continues her artistic career and performs with Pierangelo Bertoli’s Nomadi Pescatore, which is included in a tribute to Pierangelo Bertoli. After appearing in a short film presented at the Cannes Film Festival, she began her experience with theatrical musicals, making her debut in 2004 in Singing in the Rain for Compagnia della Rancia, where she worked with Raffaele Paganini under the direction of Saverio. Marconi then participates in the innovative theater project Sharks – A true story a dream, followed by the release of a CD named after the show featuring music and songs performed by Ottonello.

In 2007, he participated in various tribute concerts of artists such as Domenico Modugno and Umberto Bindi, held at the Teatro Della Tosse in Genoa, and met GnuQuartet, with which he started an artistic partnership. In September 2007, she embarks on a new experience: the movie is dubbed, even giving the voice to Giselle, played by Amy Adams in the Walt Disney Pictures movie Enchanted. The Genoese singer interprets all the songs of the soundtrack released in an album in Italian.[3]

At the end of 2007, he participated in Il various sei tu – Cantare, suona, legge De André, a tribute to Fabrizio De André, in which drug addicts sang.[4] On May 16, 2009, she participated in the Amici – Talent challenge, in which 6 dancers and 6 singers such as Valerio Scanu and Karima from the talent show that started it competed.[5] He is in the 3rd place in the singing department. In 2009, she embarked on a new theatrical adventure by playing Grisabella in the Italian version of Andrew Lloyd Webber Cats’ famous musical.[6] The musical was produced by Compagnia della Rancia under the direction of Saverio Marconi and with unreleased choreography by Daniel Ezralow. Among the various songs performed, Ottonello also sings the famous Memory, which is translated into Ricordi in Italian. He also gave life to the Eclettica theater project in 2009 with the Genoese company Gnuquartet, in which Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand and many other famous songs were reinterpreted on a jazz pitch. .[7]

In 2010, she participated in the first episode of Amici di Maria De Filippi with other children from past editions and sang the theme song “I want you” (written by Pierdavide Carone) with them. A month later he released the single Silenzio! Fearlessly with The Mainstream group on the occasion of the world day of combating violence against women. He also repeats the successful tour of the musical “Cats”, which ended in September 2011 at the Verona Arena in 2010/2011. In 2011, she starred in Matteo Becucci’s only Japanese cuisine-related music video she.

On October 25, 2011, at Politeama Genovese in Genoa, he re-proposed Gnuquartet and Eclettica in a renewed guise for the pro-charity AIL to purchase equipment for leukemia patients.

In 2012, she unsuccessfully auditioned for the Sanremo Festival’s “Sanremo Social” with the song Risplendo and released the song Playboy (Super Party Girl).[8] In the same year, on December 21, his first album, “Colors”, consisting of 11 tracks, was released on iTunes.[9]

That same year, he joined the cast of the musical Frankestein Junior and was noticed by Paolo Ruffini, who recruited him for his performance in the movie Brainstorm.[10][11] Also in 2012, she doubled down on Mary’s (Amy Adams) singing voice in the Disney musical film “The Muppets”.

She then continued to stage Frankestein Junior with the Rancia company and won the best supporting actress award. From the 2015 theater season to the 2017 season, she will return to the stage with Compagnia della Rancia as the main character in the musical Cabaret, alongside Giampiero Ingrassia, as Sally Bowles.[12]

At the end of 2019, he is completing a cycle linked to musical theater with the intention of launching a new recording project to return to promoting himself not only through theater but also through music. The project is experiencing slowdowns due to the global pandemic, but it allows the artist to carefully focus on what they want to communicate and find new collaborators for the development of this new artistic stage. Finally, in 2021, her new single “L’ombra di un bonsai”, written by writer Mirko Tremani and produced by Liz Vega, sees the light: the song fits right in with Giulia’s emotional space and describes her experience as a mature artist. by societal expectations and the ever-increasing demands and goals imposed on women to be accepted as such in the modern global community.

He tries to join Sanremo in 2022: he cannot enter the Kermesse, but this allows him to develop “Genova”, a new unreleased song with a strong artistic and emotional impact. Released April 1, 2022, the piece still sees writer Mirko Tremani’s writing, FJD’s (Francesco James Dini) production, maestro Valerio Baggio’s orchestration, and Marco Torri’s batteries. The piece depicts the artist’s strong commitment to his city: a love story as an excuse to tell his passion for Genoa, a series of small watercolors telling the tale of two lovers’ escape, a seaside city, and gives the glimpses of dreamers. It supports its inhabitants with a nature as strong as the breeze of its shores.

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