The exhibition continues at the Molino Hub gallery

The exhibition continues at the Molino Hub gallery

Tuesday, September 20, at 18:00, might be inaugurated a composite exhibition”Pigeons and different birds” Italian-Japanese duo Yasuyuki Morimoto and Samuele Vaccarion show mill gallery facilitiesWithin the bastion of Molino a Vento within the Medici partitions of Grosseto, it may be visited to this present day. September 30.

Japanese artist Yasuyuki Morimoto and the painter of Modene samuel vaccariWith the exhibition “Pigeons and Different Birds” focuses on the determine of the chook, the watchful watcher of our historical past, who dangers degenerating into an atomic drift and at all times on the threat of degenerating into an atomic drift. The spectators are the witnesses of each historic occasion of man’s self-destruct, and maybe the final inhabitants of this planet after that, these pigeons. Reluctant observers of all human stupidity, these creatures, as unstable and light-weight as ghosts, descend a tightrope, the hypothetical line of the violent course of human historical past. Layered collages, acrylic work on luminescent prints, luminescent epoxy resin mosaics and delicate, impassive birds.

Yasuyuki Morimoto, Born in Nara, Japan, a stone restorer and sculptor, graduated from the Bologna Academy of Wonderful Arts. He created public works: the sculpture “Past the Field” in Florence’s Parco Renai, “Enzo Biagi” (Memorial sculpture) in Pianaccio, “Enzo Biagi” within the archival documentary heart.

samuel vaccariBorn in Modena, graduated in graphics and images, restorer of stone and frescoes. At evening, the artist interprets the versatile and changeable, the up to date virtually at all times based mostly on recycled supplies. It subverts all educational attitudes for an artwork that illuminates the reality in its every day carnage.

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