The petition started from Parma

The petition started from Parma

Meta Parma, which is devoted to defending animals, just lately launched a petition for Zoosafari. The theme issues a gorilla named Riù who, in accordance with the advocates, should depart the construction. identical petition Posted on change.orgIt at the moment has near 60,000 members.

Riu’s story

“Ru locked in a zoo for years. – It’s written within the instance – They name him unhappy gorillaas a result of his expression leaves no room for doubt: Riù is sad, he’s very unhappy”.

“He was captured as a pet in Kenya in 1975 and offered to a circus along with his associate named Pedro – Persevering with – In 1994 the 2 moved in and have been locked up within the Apulian zoo, the place Pedro died in 2008. Since his good friend left, Riù has been residing utterly alone and depressed “.

“We demand his launch – reward the defenders – he’s outdated, we won’t stall anymore, we cannot let him die in his distress”.

“The director of the Apulian zoo, be ready at hand over Riù so you will get him to a greater place and at last get him out of his glass cage. He is a gorilla, not a star to cover in a showcase.”.

“The animals within the zoo are usually not having enjoyable. – Petition is ending – Within the meantime, let’s ship a name to animal rights associations, shelters, protected areas and shelters in order that those that can use them formally. not within the zoo or the circus”.

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