Vampire Survivors, how to unlock all characters

Vampire Survivor personaggi armi

Very Italian and really humorous Vampire Survivors (Available on Xbox Game Pass), one of the crucial attention-grabbing phenomena of this 2022 online game, due to its capability to overcome the general public with quite simple and immediate gameplay, after this recreation the sport turns into increasingly attention-grabbing and makes it not possible to let go of the controller.

particularly progress primarily based on unlocking new content materialPlayable characters, ranges or abilities make this little standalone gem irresistible. We are going to particularly discuss in regards to the characters within the recreation, which will be unlocked utilizing the cash that we are going to gather throughout our video games.

Vampire Survivors unlocks characters

A number of the forged of the film Vampire Survivors Once more require additional steps earlier than they’re “bought” and added to the ranks of playable characters. With the record beneath, you’ll be able to learn to entry every fighter.

  • Anthony – Obtainable instantly.
  • Imelda – Obtainable instantly.
  • Pasqualina – Obtainable instantly.
  • Gennaro – Obtainable instantly.
  • boat – Improve Fireplace Wand to degree 4.
  • brings – Improve the Lightning Ring to degree 4.
  • Lama – Survive 20 minutes with no less than 10% Curse.
  • poe – Elevate the garlic to degree 7.
  • clergy – Recovers a complete of 1000 HP.
  • Abstract – Earn 5000 cash directly.
  • crochi – Defeat a complete of 100,000 enemies.
  • Christine – Improve the pentacle to degree 7.
  • stab him – Discover and open the coffin within the Wild Forest.
  • joanna – Discover and open the coffin within the Inlay Library.
  • poppea – Discover and open the coffin within the Dairy Manufacturing unit.
  • Concetta – Discover and open the coffin in Gallo Tower.
  • to curse – Defeat a complete of three,000 Skeletons.
  • Horse – Defeat a complete of three,000 Lion Heads.
  • ram – Defeat a complete of three,000 Milk Elementals.
  • or the solar – Defeat a complete of three,000 Dragon Shrimp.
  • Ambrojoe – Defeat a complete of 6,000 Stage Killers.
  • Zi’chipboard – Discover and open the coffin in Cappella Magna.
  • sigma – Full all objects within the assortment.


It’s a set of characters that may be obtained by fulfilling the particular situations urged on the web page. secrets and techniques as soon as unlocked. To entry the web page you have to get hold of Morbane’s Forbidden Scrolls beat it Sketamari inside bone pit.

to entry secrets and techniques simply enter forward of time To gather and click on a variety of time on yellow signal ” till the messageYou are actually a magician”.

Vampire Survivors secret characters

from the web page secrets and techniques Additionally it is attainable to “forged a spell” (official cheat codes) will allow you to unlock these characters immediately. Right here is the total record:

  • Exdash Exiviiq – Write the spell “x-x1viiq”
  • toasts – sort the “sandwich” spell
  • Smith IV – sort the “maybeimastallion” spell
  • random – write the spell “igottagettotheedgeofsoul”
  • Blessing Marrabbio – sort the “fettinepanate” spell
  • Avatar Hells – sort the spell “kalvasflam”
  • Minnah Mannarah – sort the “foldinthecheese” spell
  • leda – Write the spell “I’ll by no means allow you to neglect me”
  • peacock cosmos – Write the spell “lhovistoio”
  • pepinino – write the “pinociampino” spell
  • pants alone – write the spell “earrivatolarrotino”
  • missingN▯ – sort the “rightninetseven” spell
  • Boros wins – sort the “bang” spell
  • Gyorunton – sort the “second evolution” spell
  • Masks of the Purple Demise – sort the “ablasphemousmockery” spell
  • Scorej-Oni – sort the “notsureitsthunder” spell

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