What Fruit could Seraphim S-Hawk eat?

What are the attainable Satan Fruit powers that Seraphim S-Hawk might need swallowed to extend his preventing abilities?

S-Hawk primarily based on look Dracul MihawkA member of the seventh Squadron has by no means possessed a Satan Fruit energy, however the reality is, this Seraphim might have one.

Seraphim in chapter 1068 Sip can use its powers. Claw-Paw fruitsimply as Bartholomew Bear. Which means that all members of the seventh Squadron that different Seraphim impressed can use the powers of their Fruit. Nevertheless, not everybody had an proprietor.

Chapter 1065 confirmed us that those that do not need are given an influence that may be very acceptable for them. For instance, S-SharkSeraphim Jinbehas the powers Senor Pink fruitIT Swimming-Swimminggoes properly along with his fashion Pisces Man Karate. However in terms of S-Hawk, there are a couple of forces that may help him in battle.

It is very important have in mind which powers could also be replicated by Vegapunk within the first place, i.e. these which can be simply accessible to the Navy and World Authorities. Former members of the 7-man Squadron, naval officers or captured pirates. Then you need to bear in mind S-Hawk’s sword preventing fashion. To allow them to be good Llama-Llama associated to Mr. 1 orAugust-August associated to Woman Double Finger. even stringy could also be acceptable within the absence of a Seraphim primarily based on doflamingo.


However, if the S-Hawk desires to make use of his sword to inflict injury on his enemies, there are a couple of he can use, however not all of them can be found by the Navy, the one exception Flap-Flap associated to Diamond.

additionally a logia It’d work. How people who smokecan use its amorphous physique to extend its vary and confuse enemies. Sadly for the World Authorities, nevertheless, they do not have many at their disposal for this function, and in any case it’ll rely on the potential for being reproduced by Vegapunk and the supply of these to go away them.

There’s additionally the likelihood that S-Hawk’s sword has an influence like lo. Zoo-Zoo swallowed by funkfleedsword Leggings, hand-to-hand fruit. This makes it extra than simply an imitation. remark. And why not, they will each have Satan Fruit powers.

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